Back to the Bazaar

In 2014-15 I travelled in Asia for 9 months. The most memorable part of this trip was spending 5 months in India, where I took my first Yoga teacher training course up in the north, Dharamsala. In Jan-Feb 2017 I returned to India, this time going south… I am back in time. Lying in a room … More Back to the Bazaar

The Little Monk: 20 Ways to Travel with Awareness

Monks practise detachment from material things and people. Simultaneously, they become part of a community of others journeying through a life of spiritual solitude towards enlightenment. Sound familiar? A backpacker also learns to let go. This does not have to equate to a ritual of shaved heads and meditative mantras while you silently pad the … More The Little Monk: 20 Ways to Travel with Awareness

Discovering Mountains and Motorbikes: Nubra Valley, Ladakh

“It will cost 2000 rupees” Waseem, tells us. The travel agent puts his hands together, leans over the desk and stares at us, droopy-eyed. We both look back at him desperately. “Maybe we could do 1500?” I say, hopefully. “Or 1300…!” Cat, chips in. Waseem is silent. A long, sighing breath puffs through his cheeks until he quickly … More Discovering Mountains and Motorbikes: Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Bush Babies

Sitting with his eyelids and fingers well and truly squeezed, dad tried to convince us he is not that afraid. My brother, Jack, and I struggled to keep our safety belts on. We had hoped for leaping stomachs and high-pitched screams. Aged nine and ten, we were prepared for an adrenaline rush like no other. But this was no Lego Land in the clouds. It took a lot of painful ear-popping and … More Bush Babies

Staying afloat

Why do we all still slip a hand out of the window to check the temperature outside? Or look at the sky to see how many clouds there are in order to predict the chances of rainfall? Britain is sinking. It doesn’t matter if the sky is clear. It doesn’t matter if the sun is … More Staying afloat